Conference and the launch of a book

Printable programme (PDF)

Focus on learners – Towards students’ well-being through educational reforms
Anita Lehikoinen, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Culture

Towards child- and family-oriented services; appropriate support at the right time! Program for the improvement of provisions for children and families in Finland
Maria Kaisa Aula, Chair of the Governmental Program, Ministry of Social Welfare and Health

Significance of a longitudinal study for policy work Lea Pulkkinen, Professor with Katja Kokko, Research Director at the Gerontology Research Center of the University of Jyväskylä, and other colleagues

The quality of childhood in Europe at present and challenges for the future
Michiel Matthes, Co-founder and Chair of the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group

The actuality of the pedagogue Janusz Korczak
Helma Brouwers, Professor, board member of the Dutch Janusz Korczak Foundation

The why of education?Nickel van der Vorm, Co-founder of NIVOZ (The Netherland’s Institute forEducational Matters)

 What is learning for well-being?
Daniel Kropf, Founder and Chair of the Learning for Well-Being Foundation

Working for a Child Strategy for the Province of Central Finland
Päivi Fadjukoff, Project Manager, Haukkala Foundation 

One of the conference participants, Temiko Jäger, wrote about the conference. See her summary here. Temiko is a young student and researcher from New Zealand, now living and studying in Sweden. Temiko is passionate about children and childhood; studying children, working in a Swedish kindergarten, and raising her 3 year old son Leif with her partner Rene. She is dedicated to advocating for screen free childhoods, believing that nurturing and providing the opportunity for nature based and creative play is the most positive way to give children their birthright, and plant the seeds of reverence for Earth. She is extremely grateful to have been able to participate in this conference, and learn more of the Finnish educational and care system, and you can read more about her here: